Ernst Manheim (in the front to the right) in the circle of Hungarian Revolutionaries in the refugee camp Wien-Grinzing: József Révai (1), Elena Andreevna Grabenko, married Lukács (2), Ernst Manheim (3), Károly Garay (4), Irma Sinkó, born Rothbart (5), and her husband Ervin Sinkó (6), the wife of Károly Garay (7), an employee of the camp and an Austrian comrade.

Ernst Manheim as a student
in Vienna, 1920

Ernst Manheim's first emigration in January 1920 led him to Vienna, where he maintained close contacts with Hungarian Socialist Refugees, amongst others the philosopher György / Georg Lukács (i.e. György Szegredi Löwinger; 1885-1971).

In Vienna, Manheim resumed his studies from 1920/21 until 1923 at the University of Vienna. He first took courses in chemistry and physics. Then, beginning with the Winter Semester 1921/22, he studied philosophy and history. He also attended a lecture given by the sociologist Max Adler (1873-1937) about "The History and Theory of Marxism". From November 1921 until June 1922, Manheim traveled in Schwaz in Tyrol. During this time, he was also formally a student of the University of Innsbruck.