Ernst Manheim: Overview (1927/28). Handwritten Exposé on his dissertation

Attested copy of Ernst Manheim's certificate of promotion. Leipzig 1928

Anna Sophie Manheim-Vitters (2nd from the right) with son (Frank) Tibor
in the circle of the Freyer family
at the Balaton, Hungary

Ernst and (Frank) Tibor Manheim 1933

In autumn 1923, at the suggestion of a fellow student from Kiel, Ernst Manheim moved to Kiel, where he continued his studies in philosophy at the local Christian-Albrechts-Universität from 1923/24 until 1924/25. At the same time, however, he also took sociology courses with Ferdinand Tönnies (1855-1936). Here, in 1923, he became friends with the then professor of philosophy Hans Freyer (1887-1969). Freyer was appointed to a professorship in sociology at the University of Leipzig in 1925, and he convinced Manheim to follow him.

Manheim continued his studies in philosophy at the University of Leipzig from 1925 until 1926/27. In addition, he took courses in economics and sociology, the latter mainly with Hans Freyer In August 1928, Manheim was awarded a Ph.D. for his dissertation titled "Zur Logik des konkreten Begriffs" [On the Logic of the Concrete Notion] with Theodor Litt (1880-1962) and Hans Freyer.


  Ernst Manheim: Übersciht (1927/28). Handwritten exposé by Ernst Manheim on his dissertation
Übersicht (1927/28)

Ernst Manheim: Zur Logik des konkreten Begriffs. [München: C.H. Beck'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung 1928], 44 S.;
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Letter from Herbert Marcuse to Ernst Manheim in Leipzig. Freiburg im Breisgau, March 17, 1930
Letter from Herbert Marcuse

From 1926 until 1933, Manheim worked as an unpaid assistant lecturer to Hans Freyer at the University of Leipzig, where he also held taught courses from 1929 until 1932. Furthermore, from 1926 until 1933, he taught at the Volkshochschule [adult evening classes] in Leipzig, where he gave a lecture on the "Soziologie der Tat" [Sociology of Action] in February 1933.

In April 1931, Manheim received a one and a half year grant from the August Stern-Stiftung in Leipzig, to work on his Habilitationsschrift [professorial dissertation] on "Die Träger der öffentlichen Meinung. Studien zur Soziologie der Öffentlichkeit" [The Bearers of Public Opinion. Studies in the Sociology of the Public.] This book is no doubt Manheim's best-known work and can be referred to as a classic text of sociological literature.


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In autumn 1932, Hans Freyer initiated Manheim's accreditation as Privatdozent [lecturer]. Yet again, on Freyer's advice, Manheim "voluntarily" withdrew his application after the National Socialist takeover on March 28, 1933, although his professorial dissertation had already been accepted by the Faculty. As a Jew and a foreigner, his hopes for habilitation were in vain. Manheim and his family went to Budapest, where they spent the summer and autumn of 1933.