Ernest Manheim in Chicago, Ill. 1937/38

Ernest Manheim's certificate of employment at the University of Chicago. Chicago, Ill., December 17, 1937

The Manheim family in their Kansas City, Mo. home in autumn 1938: Ann Sophy, Frank Tibor and Ernest

Ernest and Sheelagh Manheim 1996
(Foto: Dr. Elisabeth Welzig)

In July 1937, after a short stay in New York in early 1937 and in Budapest in July, Ernest Manheim finally received an employment offer and moved with his family to the USA, where he obtained citizenship in 1943.

From 1937 until 1938, Manheim worked as Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois. In remarkably short time, due to the favorable conditions he found there, he acquired the methods of empirical research. Henceforth, the conjunction of a philosophically informed theoretical expertise with the modern methods of empirical social research became a trademark of Ernest Manheim's scientific work.

          Standing data sheet of the University of Chicago for Ernest Manheim. Chicago, Ill., April 27, 1938
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In 1938, Ernest Manheim received a two-year scholarship from the Rockefeller Foundation, for which his cousin Karl Mannheim had issued him a letter of recommendation.

          Letter of recommendation from Karl Mannheim for Ernest Manheim. London, April 2, 1938
Letter of recommendation

In August 1938, the Manheim family moved to Kansas City, Missouri, where Ernest Manheim has been living to date.

          Soziologenlexikon. It was not possible to determine why, in the article by Joseph Maier in the "Internationales Soziologenlexikon. Band 2: Beiträge über lebende oder nach 1969 verstorbene Soziologen. 2., neu bearbeitete Auflage" (Stuttgart: Ferdinand Enke Verlag 1984), S. 536, Ernest Manheim is alleged to have died in 1982.

On invitation of the President of the University of Kansas City, Clarence R(aymond) Decker (1904-1969) Manheim joined the staff of the University of Kansas City (since 1968: University of Missouri) in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1938: 1938 - 1940 Rockefeller research fellow, 1940 - 1945 Associate Professor of Sociology, 1948 - 1970 Professor of Sociology and Chairman of the Department of Sociology, which he built up and influenced considerably. In 1970, Manheim should have left the university because of his old age, yet he was allowed to remain on as the "Henry Haskell Chair of Sociology" which had been created for him in 1958 by the newspaper editor Henry J(oseph) Haskell (1974-1952), and he went on to teach until 1991.