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The years in Chicago, Ill., in particular, can be titled the years of Ernest Manheim the empiricist. When he arrived in Chicago, the department of sociology was considered to be the leading institution in empirical social research worldwide. The efforts to integrate empirical research with social theory, as well as the interdisciplinary approach the department was renowned for, had a deep formative influence on Ernest Manheim's research in the USA. He took the methodological expertise that he had acquired in Chicago to Kansas City, Mo. and applied it to numerous empirical studies.

Of particular interest in this respect are Manheim's empirical investigations on the relations between urban life and mental disorders, about youth problems,

          Ernest Manheim: Youth in trouble. City of Kansas City, Missouri. Released by The Community Service Division, Department of Welfare. [Kansas City, Mo.]: Published by the City of Kansas City, Missouri 1945, pp. 108.
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about urban models of neighborhood,

          Ernest Manheim: Kansas City and its neighborhoods; facts and figures, prepared by Ernest Manheim in cooperation with Iona Rowland, with the aid of Worth M[arion] Tippy. Kansas City, Mo.: The Kansas City Council of Churches, and the Department of Sociology of the University of Kansas City 1943, pp. 86.
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crime prevention, minorities and prejudice (including studies about racial prejudice against African-Americans) and about the life-styles and (esp. religious) world views of students. Nearly all of these empirical investigations were related to Kansas City, where Manheim applied various approaches in empirical research orignally developed in Chicago in a way that showed his methodological, as well as theoretical autonomy.