Ernest and Sheelagh Manheim 1996
(Foto: Dr. Elisabeth Welzig)

Wedding photograph of Ernest Manheim and Sheelagh Bull in Kansas City, Mo., 1991

In 1991, in Kansas City, Missouri, Ernest Manheim married Sheelagh Graham Bull, born Hope (*Oliver, British Columbia, January 14, 1943), an American psychologist and psychotherapist of Canadian origin. She had studied at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, B.C., where she received her B.A. in French, English and psychology. In 1964 she married the sociologist C. Neil Bull; they had two daughters: Catriona Hulley Bull (*1972) and Hillary Alexis Bull, mar. Urich (*1976).

After Sheelagh Bull received her secondary school teaching license, she and her husband moved to Eugene, Oregon, where she studied Educational Psychology and earned her Ph.D. She taught Tests and Measurements at the University of Indiana in Indianapolis, Indiana and, after she had moved to Kansas City, Missouri, in 1971, she started to work at the Kansas University Medical Center in Kansas City. Since 1988, she has her own psychotherapy practice (in the tradition of Carl Gustav Jung). In 1990, she and her husband divorced. The following year, she married Ernest Manheim.