Ernest Manheim to Education minister Heinrich Drimmel (1912-1991). Vienna, September 26, 1955

Letter from Ernest Manheim to his friends Lolly and Henry C. Haskell. Graz,
December 14, 1955

Invitation to a lecture and a performance of a composition by Ernest Manheim
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Twice during his academic career, Ernest Manheim went abroad to teach as a visiting professor. In 1955/56, he spent one year as a Fulbright Professor at the universities in Graz and Vienna. In 1960/61, he spent a year at the University in Teheran.

Ernest Manheim's sojourn in Graz, on invitation of the Graz sociologist Johann Mokre (1901-1981), was of considerable importance for the institutionalization of the subject at the local university. It was the first visiting professorship in sociology at the University in Graz after the Second World War and, as such, served as an important step in the creation of the Institut für Empirische Soziologie und Statistik [Institute for Empirical Sociology and Statistics], the present Department of Sociology, two years later, in 1958, which was also initiated by Johann Mokre.


  Letter from the Dekan der Rechts- and staatswissenschaftlichen Fakultät der Universität Graz o. Univ.-Prof. Johann Mokre (1901-1981) to Ernest Manheim in Kansas City, Mo. Graz, June 17, 1955;
Letter from the Dekan

Letter from Ernest Manheim to the U.S. Educational Commission in Vienna. Graz, January 30, 1956
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Letter from Ernest Manheim to the Dekan der Rechts- and staatswissenschaftlichen Fakultät o. Univ.-Prof. der Nationalökonomie Anton Tautscher (1906-1976) in Graz. Graz, February 9, 1956
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