Tablet at the Ernest Manheim Hall at the University of Missouri in Kansas City, Mo.

Granting of the honorary doctorate of the University of Leipzig to Ernest Manheim in Kansas City, Mo., January 28, 2000
(Foto: Dr. Elisabeth Welzig)

Ernest Manheim was a member of numerous scholarly societies, like the American Sociological Association, the Southwest Sociological Society (1941 Vice-president), the Midwest Sociological Society (1945-1946 President), the American Sociological Society, the Missouri Sociological Society and the American Association of University Professors.

During the last couple of years, Ernest Manheim has been officially honored many times. In 1973, he earned the Thomas Jefferson Award of the University of Missouri, 1997 the Ehrenkreuz für Wissenschaft und Kunst of the Republic of Austria, and in 1998, a building on the University of Missouri campus was being renamed to "Ernest Manheim Hall".

On occasion of his 100th birthday, Ernest Manheim received an honorary doctorate from the University of Leipzig, and in Lawrence, Kansas, a symposion organized by the Max Kade Center for German-American Studies and an accompanying exhibition by the Archiv für die Geschichte der Soziologie in Österreich were taking place. Moreover, in cooperation with the Graz university library, the Archiv staged an exhibition at the University of Graz about Ernest Manheim's life and work, which was opened in March 2000 in presence of the honoured.