Ernst Manheim Video Clip: Film by Christian Reiser. Graz 1997

Title page of the special edition of the Jahrbuch

Title page of the AGSO Newsletter Nr. 19

PProgramme of the "Ernest Manheim Symposium" in Lawrence, Kansas

Title page of the exhibition catalogue

It is quite remarkable that Ernest Manheim's sociological work has been increasingly perceived and acknowledged of late. In 1997, Christian Reiser (Graz) shot a short film entitled "Bewegte Bilder aus dem Leben eines Geschichtsnomaden" [Moving pictures from the life of a historical nomad], a film portrait of Ernest Manheim which was shown at the Diagonale '98 film festival. Also in 1997, Elisabeth Welzig (Graz), Ernest Manheim's niece, published the biography "Die Bewältigung der Mitte. Ernst Manheim: Soziologe und Anthropologe" (Wien-Köln-Weimar: Böhlau Verlag 1997).

In 1999, the "Jahrbuch für Soziologiegeschichte 1995" dedicated many pages to first prints of several articles by Ernest Manheim. This was provided by the communication scientist Stefanie Averbeck (Leipzig) who for the same issue also contributed an article about and an interview with Ernest Manheim.

In 1999, Reinhard Müller (Graz) edited a special issue of the Archiv für die Geschichte der Soziologie in Österreich newsletter including first prints of several articles written by Ernst Manheim as well as articles by Stefanie Averbeck and himself. Of particular interest is Stefanie Averbeck's appraisal of Ernest Manheim's life and work: "Ernst Manheims wissenschaftliches Jahrhundert: Erkenntnistheorie und Empirie" [Ernst Manheim's scientific century; epistemology and empiricism] ( PDF-File).

On January 28 and 29, 2000, "The Ernest Manheim Symposium" took place at the Max Kade Center for German-American Studies in Lawrence, Kansas, with participants from Austria, Hungary, Germany and the USA. The "Camerata Players of Lawrence" performed compositions by Ernest Manheim, and the "Archiv für die Geschichte der Soziologie in Österreich" put up a little exhibition about Manheim's life and work.

From March 3 until April 14, 2000, the Graz university library staged an exhibition put up by the "Archiv für die Geschichte der Soziologie in Österreich" in cooperation with the Graz University library about Ernest Manheim's life and work. Moreover, Reinhard Müller who had designed and organized this exhibition, edited a catalogue including documents and texts by and about Ernest Manheim as well as a biographical sketch. On occasion of the opening of the exhibition, the head of the sociological department Helmut Kuzmics and Reinhard Müller on behalf of the "Archiv für die Geschichte der Soziologie in Österreich" in their addresses resp. honoured Ernest Manheim's life and work.