Bibliografie Gertrude Wagner

Selbständige Publikationen

  • Saving and Spending in Worktown. Phil. Diss., London 1939.
  • Our Wartime Guests-Opportunity or Menace? A psychological approach to evacuation. A report of an investigation carried out by students of the Department of Science of Liverpool University. Prepared by Gertrude Wagner. [Liverpool] / London: University Press of Liverpool / Hodder & Stoughton 1940, 43 S.
  • Food. An enquiry into (i) a day's meals and (ii) attitude to wartime food in selected groups of British workers. June, 1943. [London 1943], 21 S.
  • (Mit A.H. Reynolds) Food Supplements. An enquiry for the Ministry of Food into the use of fruit juices and cod liver oil. [London 1944], 17 S.
  • A Dietary Survey of Stoke and Salford School Children. Made for the Ministry of Health. With technical appendices by E. Whitelaw. [London 1945], 32 S.
  • Vegetable Consumption in Four Selected Towns. A survey made for the Ministry of Food. [London 1946], 44 S.

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