Archival Materials

The Archive for the History of Sociology in Austria (AGSO) at the University of Graz includes the estate of Else Frenkel-Brunswik. The collection (AGSO signature 25) consists of 2,050 pages or 0,25 linear metres and was donated to the AGSO in October 1992 by two former employees of Frenkel-Brunswik, Dr. Nanette Marian Heiman, San Francisco, California, and Dr. Joan Havel Grant (nee Havel), San Francisco, California. It includes Else Frenkel-Brunswik’s correspondence (171 letters), typescripts (749 pages), interviews and personal materials (155 pages) as well as prints of her published work (21 pieces). Thanks to the funding of this conference, the collection has been digitized by the University of Graz Library’s „Digitalisierungszentrum“. All items not subject to legal restructions will be made available here soon.